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A Great Ride in

Great Hands

Your Adventure Starts With Us. And this is Us.

Isle Royale Seaplanes operates the Cessna 206 amphibious seaplane and de Havilland Beaver floatplane, long known as two of the most reliable workhorses of general aviation. The Cessna 206 seats four to five passengers depending on weight and with a cruise speed of 125 mph, it gets you to Isle Royale typically in about 35-45 minutes depending on location on the island.  Alongside the Cessna 206 we have the iconic de Havilland Beaver, a classic bush plane and overall workhorse, seating six to seven passengers depending on weight.  The Beaver cruises at 110 mph providing an enroute time to the island of 45 minutes. Our full-time mechanics regularly maintain the planes to ensure that they are always in ideal flight condition. Then, we put you in the hands of experience; our owner and pilot has over 40 years of experience and  29,000 hours of flight time. He has spent 25 years as an airline captain and has 20 years’ experience flying floatplanes. Our Chief Pilot has over 13 years of experience, and over 6,000 hours of flight time. Our pilots are all experienced floatplane and bush pilots, often with Alaska flying experience. Our operation has a dedicated reservationist, so your needs are always met with ease. 


So sit back, relax, and enjoy your journey. 

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